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  Archiving, Transcoding and Retrieving Videos  

The ViArchive solution provides for archiving, transcoding and retrieving videos in one userfriendly solution. It features a desktop application for preparing and uploading files, a server console and a plugin for existing image archives.

Desktop: ViArchive XPRESS

Prepare, Upload & Access

ViArchive XPRESS is a desktop application for preparing and uploading video files to server archives. Its features include ingesting files, adding metadata, scripting the timeline, cutting & transcoding clips, burning DVDs and upload via ftp.

Users may also search and retrieve files from server archives directly within XPRESS. The application is available in 3 different versions.

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ViArchive Plugin

Browser: ViArchive Plugin

Archive, Search & Retrieve

The ViArchive Plugin for FotoWeb* makes it fast and easy to search, view and retrieve video files directly in a browser. Users can add metadata and keywords along the timeline of clips. View settings include different quality streams, adjusting color, contrast and brightness, and zoom functionality.

The plugin also enables cutting clips, transcoding to various formats and downloading clips directly in the browser. The plugin is powered by ViArchive Server.

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ViArchive Server

ViArchive server provides your server archive with indexing, streaming and transcoding abilities.

ViArchive Server includes a metadata and indexing engine, proxy and streaming, and a transcoding engine.

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